Now in its third generation wood Stix guaranteed by outstanding individual efforts and close supplier-customer relations and reliable partnership
in terms of wood.

1992 Helmut Stix is the managing partner.

With continued growth and trusting relationships with customers and suppliers Stix is an important partner to the wood timber industry [in the northeast region, and Upper Styria.]

1965 assumes sen Werner Stix. the company.

Including logs for sawmills and wood industry trade for the paper and board industry evolve as the most important business areas

1961 Purchase of the first timber loading crane

1947 Acquisition of the first truck, and thus the ability to independently supply of wood carriage company to customers.

After the war, developed the trade in timber, especially for carpentry companies and sawmills.

During the war years: trading with wood wool for packaging of food and trade with spruce wood for paper production

In 1932 the trade was registered with wood. [Insert wine were sold mainly

1927 Florian Stix with a Christmas tree trade lays the groundwork for the current company.